Happy 2019

Happy 2019!!!!! I can’t believe its 2019, and I can’t believe its been 3 years since I started this blog. For those of you who have been around that long, thank you; thank you for reading about my life, and giving me a reason to share it.  I started this blog to write about the food adventures my family took me on, I was 13. From there my blog turned into a place I could share my travels, and that’s where I felt most inspired to write. Unfortunately, even then I found it hard to find time to write. Finally, here we are now 2019. I’m 16, moving to NZ, and still that girl who just wants to share her adventures.

This month I start a new chapter; I start school in New Zealand, and therefore officially start my life there. It’s scary, but at the same time, I’m ready to be semi-normal again (I say Semi- because normal is boring). I hope to post more; but me being normal now, I might not have much to write about. So I apologize in advance if there are a couple of boring posts, and there will be. But, I’ll still share it, and if you want to you can read it. I also hope to start posting weekly, starting next week; once I’m back in NZ.

Thank you to everyone who has ever read my blog. The feeling of knowing that someone, somewhere, took 5 minutes to learn a little bit more about you is incredible. So, thank you to all my readers. For letting me be a part of your life, even for a minute.

I hope you all had a happy holidays, and hey welcome to 2019

Until next time, Safe travels

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