One Month in New Zealand

Here I am one month into my new life in New Zealand.

Exactly 30 days ago I flew out to Auckland New Zealand to start my new life. The last month has been an absolute whirlwind and I couldn’t be more grateful. So far, I have accomplished almost everything I set out to accomplish flying out 2 months earlier than the rest of my family. I have helped my dad adjust to the new house and have started to decorate my room. Along with getting settled into our house, I have gotten to go out and explore my new area. So far my favorite place is at the top of Mt.Eden. I hiked up to the top (a simple 2 km hike) on my second day here and absolutely fell in love with the place. On top of Mt. Eden on a clear day, you can see Auckland city as well as my house and nearby suburbs. On a gorgeous day, I can sit up there for about an hour and just stare out at my new home. Below are videos from the top of Mt.Eden




Another one of my favorite spots is Mt. Eden village, which is literally right up the road from my house. The village has a ton of restaurants; including my new favorite burger place, Corner burger, and a French bakery.

I also have made some great friends. Including my next door neighbors who have been so so kind to me since I arrived. They have 2 daughters who have made moving to a new country 10 times easier then it would have been so thank you so much to them. The younger of the two daughters has become a good friend of mine and we hang out quite a bit. I won’t be revealing my friend’s name or her face, because I haven’t asked her permission to post about her.

You might have noticed my sweater in the above pic. That sweatshirt is representing my new school, Epsom Girls Grammar. After 3 weeks of a lot of admission paperwork, tests, and meetings; I am officially an Epsom grammar girl. The school is walking distance from my house and I’m so excited to attend. Aside from their amazing drama and food technology program, they have a cheerleading team (I did cheer back in the states).

As for job wise, I haven’t found a part-time job that I was hoping to find yet… but I’m still looking. For the time being I’m babysitting on the weekends and love the kids I watch. But I do hope to find either a permanent babysitting job or part-time job do something I really like.

Another thing I briefly wanted to talk about was Thanksgiving, which is of course not celebrated here. Thankfully we found another American family to celebrate with.IMG_0033

Finally, in the month I’ve been here we’ve had to trips from our new home base. My dad and I had a quick weekend trip down to Wellington. Unfortunately, Wellington being Wellington though it was pouring and we rarely left the hotel.

Our other trip was to Waiheke Island. Our neighbors invited us to spend a weekend up there and I forgot how much I loved it there. We hiked, swam, and paddleboarded. BEST WEEKEND EVER.

Now that I’ve reached a month here I have exactly one week till I’m back in the states for the holidays.

Thank you to all my readers for being so patient as I adjust to my new life. As always thanks for reading and till next time safe travels

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Ella B.

2 Replies to “One Month in New Zealand”

  1. Dear Miss Ella, so lovely to know you have accomplished so much.! Your new home in New Zealand is beautiful, and I agree that you are fortunate to have been welcomed to such a lovely community, and made FRIENDS.!!! The village sounds wonderful.!! Agriculture in New Zealand is to be admired by all the world. The mountain and landscapes in your hiking photos are splendid. Your feeling for nature and the refreshment to your being felt by being in the mountains mirrors my own of my youth. Hold on to that, dear El.!! Your memories will warm you by the hearth in 50 years, as mind do. I love that you always share your FOODIE views, and am pleased to learn of the burgers and French Bakery. I imagine that there may be one of my favorite foods available…. LAMB.! And a juicy Lamb Burger would be my first food adventure. I grew up in rural Sebastopol, CA in a house my father built in our apple orchard for us when he returned from the US Navy after 10 long years at war. We homesteaded, grew vegetables and raised many animals. Our little goats were for dairy only. We would trade apples, rabbits, chicken and goose eggs for products our neighbors raised and grew. My mother would send me walking up the road with our wagon with apples, pears and homemade blackberry jam to trade with the lady who had cows’ milk and the most creamy sweet cream.! I still have my Mom’s churn we used to make her butter. Of course we shopped in town for staples….. flour, sugar, baking ingredients and beef. Pop hunted every year for deer, and venison was stacked in our freezer next to frozen apple slices Mom would used for pies in winter for the holidays. The little old man at the end of or road grew Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts that we bought from him to make biscotti and candy. His passion was tooling leather and I would take his orchard, hoe his garden to earn his key rings to give as gifts. Pretty good deal for a small nine year old. He would always tell me to gather nuts to take home, as well. Miss Ella, please pardon my going on about my own memories brought to mind by your beautiful diary. I look forward to your next, and to all a Happy Christmas…. and safe travels.!!


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