Finally Sixteen

Apology: I have been trying to post every Saturday, even if its something small. I didn’t get a post up in time for this past Saturday. So, instead here is a birthday post. Meant to post yesterday, you’ll find out why later on.

So as the title shows, I am 16 today. I was born 17 years ago in Altius Oklahoma, to the best parents I could ask for. My dad, unfortunately, couldn’t be here today regarding the fact that he’s in New Zealand. But, he sent his love in a card. Which included tons of cheesy 16 candles references (he’s a real pop culture geek).

Usually, I don’t do much for my actual birthday but instead, have a family/friend party over the weekend. Since I’m at my grandparent’s house and merely don’t have the energy to attempt making friends; were having a family party this Sunday. My dads family is based out of Dallas so his cousins and siblings live here. My party will be Mexican themed, cause San Miguel is my new love (and cause were all proudly Mexican). I hope to have pictures from that posted on the 29th. As for the San Miguel post I hope to get that up Saturday, turns out I took more pictures than I thought.

As for today, to be honest it kinda sucked. It started off really bad but got better. It mostly sucked because I missed my dad, and it felt weird not being with my friends. By the time I went to dinner I had a pounding headache and really just wanted cake. Speaking of cake, I made a 2 layer brownie cake with chocolate ganache. It was AMAZING. After cake, I passed out (from the headache). Which is why this is going up today. Here are a few pictures we got before dinner


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