Warning: this is a very reflective emotional post. I’m writing this post for myself so most of you won’t find it interesting but here it goes.

Yesterday I went back to my old high school, the school I haven’t been to since my last day of freshman year. It was definitely weird being back as a visitor and not as a student anymore. It was weird seeing all my friends and knowing that when the lunch bell rings, they’ll go back to class and I’ll go back home. But the hardest part was saying goodbye. I knew that today was the last time I would ever see the people I’ve spent the last 5 years of my life with. To have to say goodbye to the first school that made me feel like I belonged. At this school, I was able to be myself and I actually made friends. So, leaving again was the hardest thing I’ve done.

I’m so thankful to be moving to New Zealand, and I’m so grateful. But, I’ve never really fit in. I can’t tell you why I never fit in or wasn’t that girl who had tons of friends, but here I finally fit in. I had 6 of the best friends I could ask for and heck I even had a boyfriend. I was popular and on the cheer team. I was Freshman class president and was finally making a difference in my school and my community. Now, I’m starting over for the- who knows what time. I’ve lived in 5 states and this will be my 8th school. Its true what they say, you get good at goodbyes but they never get easier.

As for my best friend in the whole world. I get 3 more days with her and I can’t even think of saying goodbye to her yet.

Although it was hard seeing my friends move on without me, it also made me so happy. My ex-boyfriend is dating one of my best friends, and they’re so happy together (and I’m so happy for them, as clique as that sounds). My friend Hailey made varsity cheer this year. My best friend Taylor went to worlds robotics for the 2nd time last may and is working towards her third. Hannah and Caitlyn are shining through our school’s leadership program. As for Grace, she’s training yet another service dog after having to say goodbye to her last. These are my best friends, my support system. Even though I’m saying goodbye, it doesn’t feel like that. It feels like they’re going to be around forever.

Ok, that’s all for my sappy dappy post. Much love to all my readers and safe travels.

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