New Zealand: My new home!!

We are down to 5 months before our next move. Which, is to New Zealand!!! It’s incredible and I still can’t believe it. While we were visiting New Zealand in Early January, my dad went on a job interview as a kinda of why not. We had assumed that if he was offered the job we would turn it down because the money wouldn’t be enough. And although that sounds really richy and bratty I assure you it’s not. My parents both worked very hard as doctors in the military for 20 years. Because of that, neither of them wanted to go back to there 24/7 jobs anymore. My dad was looking for a 4-day job doing 100% his specialty. This seemed unlikely to find anywhere but McKinney Texas. While my mother wanted to be able to work from home to be there for us kids.

Anyway, when the job offer came in mid- February it was everything we could have hoped for. They were offering the same salary as a Texas clinic, as well as moving expenses. It seemed like the perfect opportunity, but it turned out to be so much more complicated than expected. At first, neither I nor my brother wanted to go. We were both so against it, but after about 2 days we were completely on board. Besides that, we had to figure out taxes, expenses, shipping, and everything else. Moving to Texas seemed like the simpler option, but how could we pass up the opportunity to move to another country. And what happens to be my favorite country in the whole world.

As for why I haven’t said anything. My dad moved there a month ago today, but before I posted anything we had to be sure that it was permanent. And it is, my dad loves his job and is currently house hunting. I will be starting a new series I guess called Expat. There I will write about anything related to the move.

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