San Miguel Here We Come

The countdown to Mexico has begun. We are at T-minus 3 days till we fly into San Miguel De Allende. San Miguel was named Travel and Leisure’s best city in the world in 2017. My grandparents have been going to Mexico, especially San Miguel, for years and love it every time. They have been dying to take me and my brother, and now it’s actually happening. As for the trip, we will be staying in a house on the outskirts of the city. Friends and family will come and go within the 2 weeks we will be there. Unlike the trips from last year, we will not be doing sites or be on the go all day every day We will be doing relaxing and chillaxing (did I spell that right) by the pool. Stay tuned for our adventure in Mexico.

As for the picture click here for the source also known as Insider

Until next time safe travels everyone.

One Reply to “San Miguel Here We Come”

  1. Safe travels, Ella..!!! Vary happy to read that you will have GRANDPARENTs & family time while recharging your batteries. ( My Mom’s term for chillaxing. LOL). We are grandparents to two little ones 5 & 3. The love is amazing.!! Be blessed


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