Here we go. For the last 4 summers I have spent 2 weeks at Mountain camp. Mountain camp is a sleep-away camp in Northern California. If you want to check out their website click here. This year I was a CIT for the second time. CIT stands for counselor in training, and being one is incredible. As a CIT you get a hand in planning camp wide activities as well as helping out with the youngest campers called Blazers. The CIT program is designed to teach the older kids (grades 10-12) at camp how to be leaders and prepare them to be counselors. So, here are some of the pictures we took at camp. The camp has a no phone policy so all the photos are credited to Meghan Miller and Adelaide Phillips who brought cameras from home.

This first slide show is from a CIT only activity known as Big hill. We go up to this mountain and watch the sunset. When were there we talk about our future goals and what we want to get out of being a CIT.

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One day down by waterfront we decided to take some pictures. Waterfront is the hour and a half we get down by Ice House lake. Down by the lake we get to do water sports like: sailing, water-skiing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and paddle boarding.


On the second to last night at camp we went to the nearby Bassi Falls, another CIT only event. We hike, spend the night, and then play in the falls. So here are some pictures from that AMAZING day.

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Being a CIT is one of the most incredible things I’ve been thankful to be apart of. It taught me so much over the course of just 2 weeks. I loved being a CIT and I can’t wait to one day write about my adventures as a counselor. Mountain camp changes my life every year, so I just wanted to thank everyone who works there. The directors, counselors, and everyone else who works there are so passionate about the camp. So thank you to everyone for another amazing summer.


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