I’m Back: Where I’ve been

Well… after about a month or two off I’m back. I have finally finished school and can dive back into writing and sharing my incredible adventures. So here are a couple of answers to any questions.

Why I left? 

About a month ago I got swamped with school. The realization that I was 2 months behind and I was drowning in all things school related. I needed to take the time I write my blog posts and focus on my school. The other reason I left was for Japan and Scotland, which I will explain later.

Where have I been? 

Since my last post on May 25th, I have been to my final 4 countries. I spent about 3 weeks traveling to 5 cities in Japan, spent another week in Singapore, and toured Scotland. While in both Japan and Scotland we moved around a lot. In Scotland we were driving to a new town every night, and it was really intense.

Where am I now?

Well, we are in our last week of travel. Its crazy to think that the best year of my life, is coming to an end. Its hard to cope with, but were ready to go home. As for where I am, the answer in London. After we road tripped through Scotland, we came to spend 9 nights in Central London.

If the trips almost over, whats happening to the blog?

I know I never really got into writing. I kinda just wrote when it was convent. I’m hoping to change that. I have big news coming next month that will lead to an international move!!! Anyway, up until the move in January I have a trip planned each month. The dates and details of the trip will be posted within the next day.

So what now? 

I hope to post every Friday with something, wether it be a trip summary or how I plan trips. So, wish me luck.

P.S finished the year with all A’s

Until next time, safe travels everyone.

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