Dates for upcoming trips

July 2nd- Return from trip 😦

July 7th- Camp for 2 weeks

July 22nd- Trip to my hometown

Late august- Mexico with my grandparents

September- Road trip west

October/November- Road trip East

December- Aspen

January- Moving

Tried description of trips:

Camp: I have attended summer camp for the last 4 years. When we first moved to California I had a rough time, camp got me out of it. I go to a no electronic camp in the middle of the woods. So I won’t be posting those 2 weeks.

Hometown: After summer camp I’m already in California so I thought I would plan a trip to see them.

Mexico: My grandparents are finally taking me and my brother to there favorite towns throughout Mexico. So I will be spending two weeks, but I will be able to write

Road trip west: Before we leave the country we want to visit a few more places before we go. So we’ll be driving through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. The trip will end with a 2 day trip to Disney.

Road trip East: On the East coast we have my cousins. My mom wants to see them one more time before we leave. This trip will consist of Nashville and Virginia.

Aspen: MY UNCLES GETTING MARRIED. They choose a destination wedding so we will be spending a week skiing and enjoying some snow.

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