A Night in Hong Kong

While we were in Hong Kong  for 5 nights we actually only spent on night in the city. The other 4 nights were spent at the Disney Hong Kong resort. To read that post click here. The main reason we had to go into the city was for the dining and a doctor’s appointment. In this post I will briefly describe what we did those 2 days.

The morning we went into Hong Kong we woke up early to get into the city as soon as possible. We were staying at the W because it was for one night and was in an ideal location. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and then took the train to this restaurant in the city. Heads up while in Hong Kong we ate a lot a food. For our first meal we went for dumplings. Some of the items we got include lobster rolls, shrimp dumpling, and a pork bun that has a face.

We spent the rest of the afternoon touring sites and shopping up until we got tired. We headed back to the hotel to attempt to get some school done and work out. We went back out that night to go to whats known as the peak and get dinner. What we (as in me and my brother Stephen) didn’t realise till we left the subway stop at the peak was that it was raining. My parents assured us that we would still be able to see Hong kong if we went up to the peak. SO we walked 20 minutes to the tram shuttle which took us up to the top.

The tram was terrifying. It was practically straight uphill. Not joking. Anyway as you can probably guess when we got to the top we found that the clouds were to low and we couldn’t see anything. We took some pictures to laugh at then we to take the tram down. Since it was windy, raining, and cold the line for the tram was so long it looped outside into the uncovered wind and rain. We had no umbrella and then waited in the line. For dinner we found the closest place that wasn’t closed, which ended up being a chicken place. We also unfortunately found out Dim Sum is only a lunch thing. Needless to say the whole family was disappointed.

The following morning we had doctors appointment’s and a visa appointment (because I’m moving internationally…more about that later). So we spent the day at the amazing W hotel and spa. We started the day with a buffet (which in my opinion is the best way to start your day). Then we went to the bird market, which I have some very strong words against. We finished off with some shopping before heading back to the hotel for a spa day.  This picture was taken in the girls private HOT TUB.


After we checked out we had a fancy dancy dinner at the Ritz Carlton which is this huge skyscraper. After dinner we drove back to Disney for another early morning.

Like always I want to thank the staff at the W for being oh so kind and helpful. I also wanted to thank all of you for being so patient. As of right now we leave Japan tomorrow so hopefully I will have a Japan post up in about a week. I have a couple of posts planned for Japan so stay tuned for that.

As always safe travels everyone.

Sincerely, Ell

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