Hong Kong Disney

While in Hong Kong we made the wise decision to spend 2 days at Disneyland Hong Kong, which was incredible. This post is all about our 2 days at Disney and heads up I’m very bias. We stayed at the Disney Explorers Lodge for 3 nights before going into Hong Kong for a night (separate post later).


Heres a picture featuring my new rose gold ears, which I LOVE



It was Easter so they had all these cute Disney eggs everywhere. This is all we got the first day.

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Disney Hong Kong is like the Disney parks in Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Paris. It’s your classic disney park with space mountain and a castle. I’ll go over some of my favourite rides and areas of the park that differ from the others.

Main street: This is the view of main street. The train station as well as the castle were under construction.


The castle pic is not mine but is from this website 



Like always the second the park opened we dashed to space mountain. Which has since be remodelled into a Hyperspace Star Wars themed ride. Its the same basic dark mouse type themed ride. This one just added lasers and a few fighters planes.


Tomorrow land also featured a ride much like the star tours one in the states. This one was based on Iron Man and called The Iron Man Experience. It was based on an attack on Stark towers “Hong Kong” location.


Here are some other pics from Tomorrow land.


Adventure land:


Adventure land only had 2 attractions, 1 ride and a play area. No tiki room insert sad face. This adventure land featured the renowned Jungle Cruise. This one was different because it was based more on South Asian locations/animals than african like in the states. Below is a wonderful picture of a robotic Elephant 🙂


The other attraction was Tarzan’s Treehouse which is at every park. This one was on its own island and you had to take a boat to it.


Frontier land: I actually have no pictures for this area so bear with me. Frontier land had one ride, which was a hybrid between big thunder mountain railroad and expedition Everest.

Mystic Manor: This was both an area and a ride

Mystic Manor is like the haunted mansion ride. It’s supposed to be an explores house. The  storyline goes this explorer travels the world with his monkey Albert. In their home they collect many valuables the most recent and enchanted being a music box. When the music box opens it can make inanimate objects come to life. Albert opens the music box and everything in the house comes to life. Albert appears throughout the ride and I rode it 5 times just to see him.

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Lunch was at the restaurant in the manor and the food, like most in Disney was just ok nothing extraordinary.


Toy Story Land :


This Disney land unfortunately had NO TOY STORY MANIA. But had a whole land with multiple rides dedicated to different characters. Including slinky dog spin, Rc racers raceway, and the soldiers parachute drop


Fantasy land had no new rides but had Winnie The Poohs Adventure, The Mad Hatters Teacups, Dumbo, It’s A Small World, and The Carousel.


Finally, we did something we haven’t done in years. Watched the parade. The parade was a light the night and was like neon themed, it featured both robots, floats, and dancers.

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Like always I wanted to thank Disney and its workers for be exceptioanl like always.

Until next time safe travels.

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