Disney Dim Sum

Ok this Dim Sum just deserves its own post. At the Floridian themed Disney resort they had Disney dumpling. Which were all shaped like disney characters. So here they are.



Children avert your eyes for this next video.


2 Replies to “Disney Dim Sum”

  1. THANK YOU for sharing your DISNEY Adventure.!! And I am so happy you enjoyed yor visit to Disneyland Hong Kong, China. My brother-in-law, Jimmy Thomas, was the Imaginarian who oversaw the building of it. The whole family moved to and lived there from circa 2004 until it’s completion. Every small detail… from the landscape pathways, location of the attractions and special features like duplicating, exactly, the structure and even colors of the castle, etc. were done under his supervision and to the desired specifications of the Chinese owners. His greatest creation… his Opus, so to speak… before retirement. It is lovely to read about your enjoying it.!! It was made for people to enjoy, make wonderful memories… and remember it always.

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