More beaches: Vietnam

Disclaimer: Sorry for not having many of my own pics, my phone has been acting u so I have to use my moms 🙂

So I have been in Vietnam for about 15 days now. But, I couldn’t decide how I wanted to write about Vietnam because we have been moving around ALOT. I decided that I would split it up based on terrain. So we’ve been to Big cities, Beaches, and the Mountains. Without further ado here are the beaches of Vietnam.

We visited 2 beach cities, amongst the many of Vietnam. One was a really touristy city called Nha trang, and the other was the third biggest city, but we were really secluded. We stayed at the intercontinental both times and they were both incredible.

Nah Trang: We took the train from Saigon (Ho chi min) to Nah trang. It was about a 8 hour train and I will do a post on the trains later. The hotel was a high-rise across the street from the beach. The first day we woke up late and ate lunch before spending the day by the pool. Later on in the day we walked down the beach and we got to see a ton of kites in the middle of this square.IMG_8303

For dinner we walked to this place called lanterns. It served authentic Vietnamese food as well as rolled ice cream (Which is incredible every time). I had a seafood pancake as well as shrimp in a clay pot. I just want to take a minute to explain a seafood pancake. The picture below is what a seafood pancake looks like, kinda looks like an omelet (disclaimer not my photo). With the pancake they bring out rice paper and mixed greens. You can’t eat the pancake like a omelet however you have to wrap it in rice paper and add greens. It’s really good, and I highly suggest trying it.


Anyway so on the way home we decided take a new form of transportation. I’m going to call these carriage bikes because there just carriages attached to the front of bikes (Picture below, not mine).


The second day we went to the beach period. We woke up went for sushi then sat by the beach for 4 or so hours.

View from our room.


Da Nang: The Da Nang intercontinental was nothing compared to the nah trang. We took another 8 hour late night train (worse than the first). We arrived at night so we couldn’t see the resort till the next morning. But after we got into the room we knew it was a great resort. You can decide for yourself by the pictures and video of our room. (Peep me in the background)


The next morning we once again slept late and below is the view that greeted us. So the resort was a collection of buildings that were spread out over three tiers. The reception and main restaurant were on the top-level also know as “Heaven” level. Down on the beach there were more rooms, the pool, restaurant, gym, and bar. To get from level to level there was a monorail. The first two pics are mine taken from our porch, the third is not mine.

Not my picture

Anyway the first day we went to a huge Sunday brunch. I ended up eating half my weight in food. After that we went down to the beach and passed out (no joke).

The second and third day were not nearly as nice as the first because it was overcast and the second day was rainy. The second day we spent by the pool and then did karaoke that they had at the hotel. The third day was much of the same, we walked up and down the beach contemplating life.


But I do want to give shout out to the adorable monkeys who both terrified me and made my heart melt. Even though I was chased by a monkey, and one broke into our room, there adorable and you have to love them. One in particular was when a baby monkey started crying and his/her mom came to comfort them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you to everyone at both intercontinental’s for making these two trips incredible. The staff was kind and had amazing english.

The next post with be on May 1st and will be on our jungle trekking adventure





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