Jungle Trekking or Camping? You decide

Last week my parents decided to take me and my brother on a “Camping” trip. What I mean by this is that my parents decided we would spend two days and one night climbing mountains and swimming through caves. The day before and two days after we stayed at a hotel/farm stay that the jungle trekking company suggested. So those two very uneventful days will also be included in this post. The company we used for our jungle trekking was called Oxalis Adventure Tours Click here for the website. The farmstead we stayed at was called Chay lap and Click here for that website

We were planning on taking a train from Hué to Phong Nha, which is where the farm stay is located. Our train was delayed an unknown amount of hours. The conductor told us it was at least a 4 hour delay, but could be more. Since we had to be up early the next day to leave for the jungle tour, we decided to just play it safe and hire a car. Not ideal but we got there, and that’s all that mattered. We got to the hotel late and had dinner at the restaurant there because there was literally NOTHING around. Here are some of the pictures from the farmstead.


Me being weird
The lake at the farmstead

The following morning we ate breakfast and the jungle company came to get us. We had to drive almost 2 hours to get to the “trailhead”. Before we could actually start climbing or anything we had to walk 45 minutes to this river crossing.


We then had to climb two hills and go down one before reaching a cave for lunch.


I somehow got winded and sick from climbing the second hill, my parents assume it was cause my blood sugar was to low. Any who we got to eat lunch is a cave. Which was so cool, it was Bahn Mins if anyone was wondering. Up until lunch was a route we would have to repeat the following afternoon.

After lunch we climbed and walked down some pretty steep hills. Our tour guide taught us how to whistle on leafs and taught us how to make a popping sound with them. Then we got to the camp. But we weren’t done yet, nope we went to tour a cave that was right next to our camp. I got a huge migraine and just wanted to go home. For those of you who don’t know I suffer from horrible migraines that can be triggered by just about anything. The cure to mine is usually water (baths,showers,swimming) and chocolate. It eventually went away and we got back to having fun.

After the cave we got to swim in this waterfall by our camp. This video is a brief overview of our camp, at least the dining area and surrounding mountain. The camp was made up of a main area with the kitchen and dining room, and there were tents pitched up under a waterproof tarp. What I found most surprising about the camp though was they had an actual toilet (not with pluming). They had figured out how to not have to go to the bathroom in a hole and I very much appreciated that.

The camp had 3 chefs/ security guards and 2 porters. The chefs prepared this huge meal for dinner which was amazing. We ended up having leftovers which btw became our lunch for the following day

The next morning we woke up at 8am and I wanted to go home. I had ton of blisters and basically wanted to cry and go home, I was just done. I didn’t want to put on wet clothes and hike all day I just wanted to stay another night at this beautiful camp in the jungle and hike tomorrow. BUT THEN THEY MADE ME PANCAKES.  YES THEY MADE ME PANCAKES AND THAT MOTIVATION KEPT ME GOING. We had lunch after the second cave at a different camp. Lunch consisted of leftovers and instant ramen. We went to 3 caves before crossing the field, climbing the end mountain, crossing the river, and walking back to camp. We had a second lunch at a local restaurant in a nearby village, before being driven home. Here are some pics of the second day

Our first day back we went into town. We stocked up on meals because we felt the food at the restaurant was sub par (sorry Chay lap, its not personal). We got pizzas, indian food, and bahn mins, when we got back it started raining and didn’t stop. The rain continued up until we got onto a flight the following night. Before I talk about the flight here is a picture of a giant spider I found in my bathroom. Enjoy 🙂


The flight we had was scheduled for 5pm but then it got delayed to 8pm about 2 weeks BEFORE the flight. The airport was tiny, and by tiny I mean TINY. It had one check in counter, one bag scanning machine, and 2 gates. It was honestly the cutest thing I’ve seen. This started the discussion of what airport has been the smallest one we’ve visited (Walvis Bay, in Namibia won). The plane had about 30 people on a 80 passenger plane so it took no time to board the plane.

Anyway like always I want to thank all the staff from the farmstead and the trekking tour I had an amazing 4 days. This is part 2 of the Vietnam posts. Part 3 will be about Hué, Hanoi, and Ho chi Minh. Sneak peak we got to stay at the famous Metropolitan hotel in Hanoi. Although, I will confess I don’t know when I will post the third part considering I have about 3 weeks to finish over 6 weeks of school.  But I managed to write this so I will try my best. Thank you so much for reading.

And until next time Safe travels everyone.

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