August 12th 2017.

August 12th was my one and only brother’s 12th birthday. Since he couldn’t have the traditional birthday he was used to, we had to find a different way to celebrate. We started off the morning early with one of my brothers favorite things to do, an escape room. An escape room is where your voluntarily locked in a room for one hour, the room has a bunch of clues that you have to solve to then make it out of the  room in time. If you don’t your locked in the room forever… haha just kidding, your given about an extra 10 minutes to then escape. My grandparents were already in Lima so they decided to tag along. After the escape room we had a quick-lunch of sandwiches and milkshakes before heading to our second surprise down by the water.

This is a pic of my whole family after we escaped IMG_7892.jpg

The second surprise my parents had in store was parasailing. Lima, Peru is right by the water and there is this large cliff that is known for parasailing. You can see up to 8 at a time jumping off this cliff. My parents decided that my brother, my dad, and I would be the only ones to go up (due to the price). Parasailing was absolutely incredible, you could see the whole coast and you could see the sidewalks that we had been walking on the last couple of days. Parasailing is sorta like being in an airplane the take off and landing are bumpy but once you’re in the air its incredible. The whole experience took at most 15 minutes and after we had to go back to our apartment to get ready for dinner.

Me and my brother parasailing


My brother’s birthday dinner was at Maido, I hope to get that post up ASAP. Overall the day was great and I can’t wait for mine in 1 month.

Until next time I say Good luck and Safe travels

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